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Andy Shleck Misses Cycling

February 25, 2015

In an interview for the magazine Andy Shleck stated that he misses cycling.

At the final league of the season Andy Shleck retired from the sport of cycling as he injured his knee badly. As he turned 35 doctors advised that he would need a knee replacement. The advice given by the doctors scared him so much that he made the final decision in his mind already.

As he ended the career he stated in the press conference himself. It is very clear that he misses cycling. He did not get hold of any team in 2015. It was the knee problem which made him averse to all the teams be it the American squad or the any other team.

Whereas his crashing performance in Tour de France was a turning point which led him to end his career which does not hide his emotion of missing the playing spirit of cycling. He wants to enjoy the rest of his life in doing something constructive and not passively. He has the same passion for everything as he had of cycling.

However his brother, Frank continues to train with his team but there is more to do in life for him than just sitting on the couch. He has not ended his life with a passive activity. He was not in his right spirit but when he got back his senses he understood that an injury could destroy a sportsman’s career and which is what happened with him. He does not want to reveal his next job but he is extremely excited about it. He worked hard for the knee so that it could stabilize his health. He is strengthening his arms as well as other body parts and trying to get back to normalcy. He also wishes to write a book.