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Come Back For Michael Rogers

June 10, 2014

Michael Rogers an Australian cyclist is expected to make a comeback very soon for racing after overcoming his restriction and disapproval for participation because of the positive signs of the clenbuterol drug that was found in him during the Japan cup where he had won the previous year.

Rogers aged about 34 has been at started at Tour de France starter for nine times after his positive result was temporality suspended but preserved his innocence. UCI had mentioned in a declaration on Wednesday that it has received an explanation that the true results was because of the impure meat that he ate while racing in Tour to Beijing in china.

After proper examination of Rogers and the associated technical statements the UCI finally got to know that there was a major chance that the existence of drug have resulted due to the contamination of dirt meat, where he took part in race before leaving for Japan.
The UCI is observing meticulously the current progress concerning clenbutarol and will carry on taking proper steps to make sure that the riders are suitably educated.

Mr. Rogers said on twitter that UCI approved the existence of clenbutarol in his sample that were put together on the tour de Beijing was false as he always stated. He’s taking a break from his DH bike holiday in France with his friends to make the come-back.

In particular the UCI confirmed the nonexistence of any fault and carelessness on his part. According to the UCI rules the drug was found in the sample during the game and he would be automatically disqualified.

Even though it was unlucky for him the UCI would abide by the rules and will apply them constantly. The UCI decision means he could return to the race as soon as possible and he is looking to get back to the competition. He has been given one more chance to prove his innocence.