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Contador reaction over Armstrong drug abuse confession

March 19, 2013

Alberto Contador has pulled off yet another win, whickering Ricardo Diaz by just around two seconds, in the penultimate stage of the Tour de San Luis in Argentina. In a recent interview that happened before the Tour started had him speaking about the aftermath of the infamous Lance Armstrong confession that the cycling world is confronted with.

In his part, he showed deep faith in the sport and has firm belief that cycling will pull up from its present shambles and that this incidence, albeit a dark spot for the sport, has also its silver lining to it and every person related to the sport should focus towards striving for the best with regards to the future of the sport.

Coming back to the Penultimate race, Alex Diniz of Funvic Brasilinvest came third at the same interval as that of Ricardo, which is two seconds. Alberto, who himself was suspended for two years from cycling due to improper usage of performance enhancing drugs and had to forfeit his third Tour de France title, has demonstrated rare solidarity with Armstrong.

Reacting in a defensive demeanor, Contador expressed his anger on how Armstrong is being humiliated and all his positive works being rendered a vile impression. The USADA (United States anti-doping agency) had been highly criticized for their action and derogatory comments regarding Armstrong’s achievements by the Latino cyclist as well. He had rode together with Lance Armstrong in the Astana team of 2009 and credited the popularity of the said sport in USA solely to the cancer survivor.

Incidentally, Contador is not the only one who is taking Armstrong’s side, his fellow Spanish cyclist Miguel Indurain too sided with Lance. He expressed his surprise that the reports have been based on testimonials only and the unscientificness of the entire procedure.