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Cycling needs new infrastructure in Ottawa

April 21, 2016

In Ottawa, cycling has hit a tipping point and it needs modern infrastructure to keep up, said a local advocacy group.

Annual report from Citizens for Safe Cycling, released on Saturday, showed that cycling trips have jumped forty-four per cent between the years 2010 and 2015.

That is based on information from 3 bike counters located on the eastern canal path near the Corktown footbridge, on the Alexandra Bridge as well as the Ottawa River path near the O-Train and Cycling trips. The cycling growth of Ottawa was 3rd fastest among cities in seventeen nations checked by the Eco-Counter, an international bike data centre.

Ottawa cycling group president Gareth Davies said that there is a bit of a tipping point happening, a critical mass moment. He told this momentum adds up to a requirement for more as well as better infrastructure – something that is highly possible with a bike-friendly federal government that now in power. Davies told that they need to take advantage of that while it is there.

Almost half of his members showed unequal infrastructure as a barrier to cycling, and thirty-seven per cent told that safety concerns hold them off 2 wheels. Davies further added that there is heightened demand as well as a dreadful need to allow these people to ride in a safe way.

That does not even speak to the latent demand. People would like to bike but they does not feel safe on the roads.