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Fans And Experts Come Out To Support The Columbian Women Team

October 17, 2014

The Colombian women team has been under some good pressure. They have been trending in almost all social websites and media have been covering it all day. The controversies have led to the roar of tweets in the twitter. There have been a great number of people who are commenting on the controversies. The biggest tweet regarding the controversy came from the UCI chief as he said that the dress worn by the Colombian women team will not be acceptable by the board. They didn’t term the dress as an exposing one but the UCI claimed that the dress was not decent.

The controversy started off with the girls coming out in a dress which showed them almost nude. One look at them will let you realise that they are nude from stomach to thighs. A second look and one will realise that it is not something which is being exposed by the girls. The dress is nothing but having a skin coloured patch work running from stomach to thighs. This skin coloured cloth make it look as if the girls wearing it are nude. This led to the controversy and thus this raised many eyebrows for the dress.

People around the world came out in favour of this dress as they tweeted their support for the dress stating that the dress was wore by the team from past one year and there were no such claims for it. The fans and experts of the game also stated that the UCI’s tweet was inappropriate to this case as the board has a lot of serious issues other than deciding over a kit of team. The fans said that the UCI had a task of making this game more exciting rather than making decision on the dresses of a team. This will be interesting to see how UCI reacts on the latest criticism.