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April 17, 2012

One of the world’s most renowned sportsperson, Lance Armstrong is a professional road racing cyclist who has won the prestigious Tour De France a whopping 7 consecutive times.

It is a record setting achievement and hasn’t been touched by anyone so far. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer, he had to undergo surgery and intense chemotherapy following which his coming back to cycling was doubtful.

But a strong willed Lance broke all the prejudice to come back and won the Tour de France in 1999. Following it he continued his winning spree and won 6 consecutive times after that and made a record by winning it a total of 7 times in a row.
After 2005 he decided to take retirement from professional cycling.

His passion for life had increased after his return and this inspired Lance Armstrong to go global with the brand Live Strong which is the motto of Lance Armstrong Foundation. Founded in 1997, this organization helped cancer victims all over the world by providing financial support, counseling, emotional assistance, education, advocacy and making their lives better through the motto of Live Strong. The idea of Live Strong was spread through wrist bands with the collaboration of Nike and the collection by selling these bands were used for cancer patients by Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Other than cycling Lance Armstrong takes keen interest in marathon and triathlon. Retiring from professional biking he announced that he will participate in the Various Ironman races. These are triathlon meets that are held worldwide. He is planning to compete in the various Ironman races in France, Hawaii and Florida in order to qualify for the World Ironman Championship 2012 which will take place in Kona- Hawaii. Lance will compete to raise funds and spread awareness as member of LiveStrong team.