Melon City Bike

Get Active in Fakenham

September 24, 2013

A huge group of cyclists tested their skills riding through some of the mainstream highlight locations situated in the North Norfolk Countryside. The occasion was the finale of a week long summer activity. The finale cycling activity ended in the Fakenham and around 270 cyclists have participated in the event.

The cyclists include both club racers and beginners. The cyclists had two choices to pick from either a 35 mile circuit or 13 mile circuit. This choice was made available to ensure that everyone got their own chances to make the most of the opportunity. The route map for the ride was made very interesting and fun packed.

There were country lanes, scenic villages, meandering streams, meadows and also a stop for tasting the home made feed station entertainment. There was something everyone would love to enjoy in a ride through a variety of planes. Anyways, people seem to be very active and happy to participate in the event. Well the entire summer event was a different move and apart from just cycling there was also theatre experience, Balkan dancing and Great Duck race and some more exciting things people love to enjoy in the summer time. It was perfect to end the even with a cycling activity as there was something special to discover from the process for the experts at the same time to the amateur cyclists.

Richard Cook was one of the main organizers behind the event and he stated that the event was a huge success and they achieved pretty good milestones as they expected. Richard is also the Town Counselor. In another statement he shared his thought that the process will now happen annually which will in turn get added to the entertainment calendars of coming years. There were lots of things to experience and learn from the event and everyone seems delighted after the final cycling activity.