British Cycling & Sky establish Ride Social

Elite cycling squad Team Sky have joined hands with British Cycling to launch a new community based website Ride Social. The novel initiative is themed to help out cycling enthusiasts to build up their very own riding communities.

The internet system permits cyclists to create profiles that would permit them to organize as well as join up bike riding events around their locality.

Ride Social is a follow up of the rebranding of the old popular Social Cycling Groups website and comes up with a brand new name, style and logo. The new site from Team Sky & Brit Cycling collaboration already boasts 50 thousand users, along with nine hundred and fifty groups organizing as many as 3,000 rides.

“We are simply delighted to be able to create a space for the riders, irrespective of abilities to be friends, create groups as well as get out & ride in their way”, stated Stewart Kellett, the recreation & partnerships director of British Cycling. “Ride Social is aimed to be a big add-on to our existent ride programmes, the Sky Ride Local guided cycling rides & Breeze women bike rides.”

British Cycling & Team Sky seem to have high hopes and grand plans for Ride Social and they are taking some really phenomenal initiatives to make the website popular in the cycling world. To celebrate launch of the new cycling community themed website, both the collaborators are jointly offering the riding enthusiasts a very rare opportunity to earn a ride with one of the Team Sky pros.

All one needs here is a ride creation on the Ride Social which takes place in between November 14, 2014 to February 15, 2015, invite as many local cyclists possible to join the ride, get a selfie of oneself & the group on ride -& share it on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #ridesocial hashtag.

Fans And Experts Come Out To Support The Columbian Women Team

The Colombian women team has been under some good pressure. They have been trending in almost all social websites and media have been covering it all day. The controversies have led to the roar of tweets in the twitter. There have been a great number of people who are commenting on the controversies. The biggest tweet regarding the controversy came from the UCI chief as he said that the dress worn by the Colombian women team will not be acceptable by the board. They didn’t term the dress as an exposing one but the UCI claimed that the dress was not decent.

The controversy started off with the girls coming out in a dress which showed them almost nude. One look at them will let you realise that they are nude from stomach to thighs. A second look and one will realise that it is not something which is being exposed by the girls. The dress is nothing but having a skin coloured patch work running from stomach to thighs. This skin coloured cloth make it look as if the girls wearing it are nude. This led to the controversy and thus this raised many eyebrows for the dress.

People around the world came out in favour of this dress as they tweeted their support for the dress stating that the dress was wore by the team from past one year and there were no such claims for it. The fans and experts of the game also stated that the UCI’s tweet was inappropriate to this case as the board has a lot of serious issues other than deciding over a kit of team. The fans said that the UCI had a task of making this game more exciting rather than making decision on the dresses of a team. This will be interesting to see how UCI reacts on the latest criticism.

Wiggo Impresses Again With Time-Trial Triumph At Britain Tour

Great news for Bradley Wiggins’ fans- the iconic Brit rider has again impressed the cycling world with his great time-trial triumph at the esteemed Britain Tour.

It was quite a dramatic turn of events as Wiggins was lagging back in the 7th position from where he smartly lifted himself up the 3rd position with a very competitive endeavor & fired warning to great rival Martin (Tony).

“I have a feeling that my present form will help me to be in ballpark”, remarked Wiggo while discussing his opportunities against the 3-time world champ from Germany. “We would check out on the very day. I was thinking that I would be near to him in 2013 & he put forty-two secs. into me.”

“One cannot actually predict what the other would be doing. You might be thinking ‘Yes’ but then I feel one builds oneself up to these things. There is a scope that I could nail it.”
The 2012 Tour France champ was in quite an excited mood given his spectacular win at the time trial. His win last Sunday was one among the predictable-most things to take place in a championship which refuted expectations from the very moment Cavendish halted to tinker on with shoes in the initial kilometers of Liverpool’s first stage the earlier Sunday. 6 various leaders in first 7 days, Dowsett (Alex) jumping right from 21st till 1st in Hemel past Friday, a Dutch 22-year-old neo-pro champ of general category in Baarle who acknowledged that he had just hoped for 10-top by the commencement of the very week.

The Britain Tour was fast & furious since the start & was lapped up readily by large numbers of fans all through the week. Unfortunately Cavendish met with a bad crash in Liverpool and it was Kittel who rode away past him in glory.

Trott assists Bronzini to win RideLondon Prudential Grand Prix

Defending RideLondon Prudential Grand Prix champ Laura Trott played an able aide for mate Bronzini (Giorgia) in securing the latter a grand win at the esteemed tournament last Saturday.

The Italian rider beat top favorite & 2012 Olympic road-racing champ Vos (Marianne) in the last few metres of the race on Mall.
22-year-old Laura & her team-mate Mullins (Peta) both worked really hard to assist their Italian friend time her endeavor to perfection & she bagged the great win within less than one quarter of wheel over Vos who famously triumphed with gold in Olympic on the very street a couple of years ago.
Marianne led off last corner right from the Horse Guards Parade by the conclusion of fifteen laps of 1.3-mile circuit near St.James Park yet Bronzini was pulled into the rivalry by Mullins and Trott prior she launched herself to line alongside world # 1.
The winner celebrated the win by throwing her arms out in ecstasy & Vos supported her by extending a hand in cheer & congratulations. Interestingly, both of them were so close to the finishing line that the announcers were not sure who to hand the champion’s trophy.
When the winner was confirmed, the smart Italian was all beaming in delight & seemed relieved that finally she was able to make amendments for her previous show in London. Unfortunately it was a bad flat tyre that ruined her chances of Olympic medal in 2012.
“It felt just so great”, remarked a naturally elated Bronzini. “Any day you are able to beat Vos, you can be sure of winning.”
12months back it was Laura who snatched triumph for Honda (Wiggle) yet this time the beautiful Trott was on supporting role and she played her assigned part with as much perfection as she shows on being on the winner’s role.

Sir Brailsford Hails Britain As Top Cycling Country

Added to the commencement of the highest honored cycling event in their country, the English cycling enthusiasts have another reason to be delighted of late. Sir Brailsford has recently hailed Britain as top cycling nation of the world citing instances of record performances by English riders.

The Sky boss stressed on record gold medal feats at the Olympic by the British riders over the past 6 years as one of the major reasons – behind his declaration of Britain as #1 cycling at present.

“By anyone’s assessment, I shall say that we’re the numero uno cycling country of the world”, stated Sir Brailsford “We have dominated 2 Olympic Games & we have won Tour France twice consecutively”. Sir Bradley Wiggins was the Tour France champion in 2012 & the legacy was carried on by his fellow Sky-mate Chris Froome in 2013.

“It has been a truly incredible journey & the 2014 Tour feels like the pinnacle of tremendous hard work put up by us over the last decade. But we would have to go on with the hard work & strive forward. It’s just the first step & there are some ten to fifteen more steps ahead.”

Brailsford, however, is worried about Wiggins’ absence at Tour France this time. He admitted that it was really tough for him to leave out the 2012 Tour France champion from the Tour France 2014 squad. “It gave me sleepless nights”, stressed Brailsford to the downhill mountain bike holidays magazine.

“It was something terribly horrible & contrary to the popular opinion, I have got emotions- it was quite a difficult decision. But if you look logically you will be able to make out what it is needed to win.

After ending his eleven-year tenure in the position of performance director of British Cycling, Sir Brailsford is solely concentrated on Sky & is eager to beget another Tour France victory this year as well.

High in Demand Giro Tickets Forced Prolonged Wait For Fans

The aspiring Giro spectators have expressed great dissatisfaction given the prolonged wait for hours online to secure passes for the opening ceremony of the prestigious Italian race.

The prolonged wait was mostly due to the staggering demands for the Giro inaugural ceremony tickets that caused online delays.

Thousands of fans were spotted trying to gather tickets for this free of charge event which is to be hosted on 8th May at Belfast City Hall. The opening ceremony would have 9 elite riders from the 22 contesting squads appearing before the public.

A net total of around 5,400 passes were available since 9 a.m. last Thursday & all of them were allocated within 5 hours shortly post 2 p.m. Each of the passes allows up to 2 persons.

As per the market reports, many fans have expressed discontent regarding the delays experienced while securing tickets online. Twitter seemed awash with grievances from several quarters where the fans complained about rejoining queue forcefully as the ticket site froze.

J. Hobbs, an avoid cycling enthusiast & blog writer had to wait for as long as 4.5 hours for the tickets.

“It was something like a nightmare”, said Hobbs. “I was not at my home & hence I was trying on my cell phone. It did not seem to be a smart arrangement”, added in the 35-year-old cycling enthusiast.

Around 600 fans were spotted queuing up out-side the Visit Belfast portal since early morning and luckily they had a very hassle-free experience. However, according to sources nearly 1,100 passes weren’t disclosed to public. Just over hundred have been kept aside for fifty-one city councilors of Belfast who would receive 2 each. The other passes have been reserved for the senior council officers, sponsors, media and event organizers.

Come Back For Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers an Australian cyclist is expected to make a comeback very soon for racing after overcoming his restriction and disapproval for participation because of the positive signs of the clenbuterol drug that was found in him during the Japan cup where he had won the previous year.

Rogers aged about 34 has been at started at Tour de France starter for nine times after his positive result was temporality suspended but preserved his innocence. UCI had mentioned in a declaration on Wednesday that it has received an explanation that the true results was because of the impure meat that he ate while racing in Tour to Beijing in china.

After proper examination of Rogers and the associated technical statements the UCI finally got to know that there was a major chance that the existence of drug have resulted due to the contamination of dirt meat, where he took part in race before leaving for Japan.
The UCI is observing meticulously the current progress concerning clenbutarol and will carry on taking proper steps to make sure that the riders are suitably educated.

Mr. Rogers said on twitter that UCI approved the existence of clenbutarol in his sample that were put together on the tour de Beijing was false as he always stated. He’s taking a break from his DH bike holiday in France with his friends to make the come-back.

In particular the UCI confirmed the nonexistence of any fault and carelessness on his part. According to the UCI rules the drug was found in the sample during the game and he would be automatically disqualified.

Even though it was unlucky for him the UCI would abide by the rules and will apply them constantly. The UCI decision means he could return to the race as soon as possible and he is looking to get back to the competition. He has been given one more chance to prove his innocence.

Fiasco Designs work on Hoy’s Site

A website for the Scot legend Sir Chris Hoy has been designed by Fiasco Design, a popular agency in Bristol. This was mainly done to promote the works of Sir Chris Hoy and also show the wide range of bikes that the rider possessed.

The six time Olympic gold winner and one time silver gold winner retired from cycling in the year 2013 and after that he has already launched a whole new range of Hoy Bikes with the well known retailer Evans Cycle. After retirement Sir Chris Hoy has been seen to deliver speeches on cycling at various corporate and public events. The management agency of Sir Chris Hoy asked Fiasco Design to develop a website that would help to promote the new ventures of the legend in the upcoming years.

The layout of the website has been kept simple so that people can easily navigate through the various pages. The users will be able to browse the images that are there in the gallery section either with the mouse or with the arrow keys and the menu will remain fixed in all the pages. The responsive designs have also been kept on the simple side so that people who are visiting this website from their mobile do not face any problem.

The director of Fiasco Design Ben Steers said that they are really happy to create the website for such a legendary character and they have done their best. They have not tried to do anything superficial with the website and has tried to keep it as simple as possible. He is proud of his designers and said that they have done a great job. The management agency of Sir Chris Hoy is also very happy with the work and they said that it would help them in achieving the future endeavors easily.

Survey Reveals Cyclists As Cooler

Amazing news for the riders all over and the cycling fans- a new survey has recently revealed that people find cyclists as cooler, more intelligent & charitable in comparison to average person.

The survey was conducted by some Mindlab scientists recently and was aimed to study subconscious attitudes of people towards varied sports. It found that people perceive that sprinters come up with a rare concoction of generosity, intelligence & a “cool” quotient.

The research was commissioned by British Heart Foundation and was launched as a celebration of the organization’s 39th anniversary of London-Brighton Bike riding. The study reported that the cyclists are viewed as 13% cooler & more intelligent as well as 10% more charitable in relation to other people.

Nearly 23% of respondents participating in the survey admitted that they like to go on dates with cyclists over players from other sports. Around 27% wanted cyclists for pub quiz squad- just around 18% stressed reliance on footballers’ trivia skills.

Interestingly, the respondents’ love for cyclists could be, to some extent, credited for a likeness towards Lycra. Nearly 63% of respondents confessed their preference for this stretchy material which is much in use among the riders. Besides, it’s the celebratory triumph of 2 phenomenal Brit cyclists Bradley Wiggins & Chris Froome at the most prestigious cycling race Tour de France in 2012 & 2013-that have evoked a special respect for cyclists among the Britons. Both the riders had an amazing time at the Olympics as well making the nation proud once again.

The study also wanted to see how much people differentiate among sports stars and other celebrities. Almost half of the respondents, around 48 percent said that they were especially pulled to sports stars rather than other celebrities like film stars or famous pop icons.

Sagan Confirms a Strong Line Up in USA Pro Challenge

Leading Slovakian rider Peter Sagan confirms a strong fight in USA Pro Challenge this year which about to start soon in Colorado from August 19. The world’s No.2 cyclist had an excellent season till date with several strong performances, especially his 2nd Maillot Vert victory at Tour France & presently he is charged up for more winning performances.

The Cannondale rider has already flown to USA much ahead of the Pro Challenge & is gunning up strongly for a remarkable performance at the elite race. “It has always been a huge pleasure for me to compete in US”, stated Sagan reminiscing his previous outstanding wins in the American soil- including the 5 stage victories in Tour of California last year. “I love how people cherish these events, their support & their warmth. It offers me a great boost to explore the best of myself.” The Slovak rider is hopeful that apart from strong performances in the upcoming Colorado race, he has the added boost up that a fantastic ride there can lead him to a remarkable season end.

Sagan went into a short hiatus post Tour de France before getting back for RideLondon Classic. He flew to US on 6th August & since then has been training hard for the prestigious event.

“RideLondon Classic race was the 1st championship post my return & it was natural to experience a tough time”, Sagan admitted his not-up-to the-mark performance at the race. “But I am expecting better condition & good legs in US Pro Challenge. I decided flying to Colorado around a couple of weeks ahead to ensure best of preparations for the event. My first aim is to stay competitive & also to prep up for the last part of this season. I need to get the rightmost form & the desired confidence to make it big”.