Spotlight at American Century Championship

The most recognizable pack in golf accepts to course for 23rd American Century Championship, from 20th July to 22nd July at the Edgewood Tahoe as well as Lance Armstrong Foundation, an establishment founded by champion cyclist as well as the cancer survivor to help people who are struck by cancer, has returned as the official championship charity for the 7th back to back year. Against the lovely setting of High Sierra Lake – the worldwide battle against cancer will deal with the spotlight along with the top names in entertainment and sports.

The CEO and Foundation president Doug Ulman told that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is honored to be a part of the American Century Championship this year once again. They are thankful to American Century Investments for the ongoing back up that enables them to enhance their reach to people struck by cancer as well as better the lives of families across the country.

The 2012 championship offers a platform for awareness-building and fundraising activities in back up for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s goal. Thanks to the extra prize money got when Joe Sakic, the ex NHL All-Star arrived at a hole in 1 at American Century Championship 2011, previous year’s event raised over $470,000 that was divided between Lance Armstrong Foundation as well as local charities of the Lake Tahoe-area.

American Century Investments’ chief executive officer and President Jonathan Thomas told that American Century Investments has a singular story which makes their association with Lance Armstrong Foundation exceptionally meaningful.


One of the world’s most renowned sportsperson, Lance Armstrong is a professional road racing cyclist who has won the prestigious Tour De France a whopping 7 consecutive times.

It is a record setting achievement and hasn’t been touched by anyone so far. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer, he had to undergo surgery and intense chemotherapy following which his coming back to cycling was doubtful.

But a strong willed Lance broke all the prejudice to come back and won the Tour de France in 1999. Following it he continued his winning spree and won 6 consecutive times after that and made a record by winning it a total of 7 times in a row.
After 2005 he decided to take retirement from professional cycling.

His passion for life had increased after his return and this inspired Lance Armstrong to go global with the brand Live Strong which is the motto of Lance Armstrong Foundation. Founded in 1997, this organization helped cancer victims all over the world by providing financial support, counseling, emotional assistance, education, advocacy and making their lives better through the motto of Live Strong. The idea of Live Strong was spread through wrist bands with the collaboration of Nike and the collection by selling these bands were used for cancer patients by Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Other than cycling Lance Armstrong takes keen interest in marathon and triathlon. Retiring from professional biking he announced that he will participate in the Various Ironman races. These are triathlon meets that are held worldwide. He is planning to compete in the various Ironman races in France, Hawaii and Florida in order to qualify for the World Ironman Championship 2012 which will take place in Kona- Hawaii. Lance will compete to raise funds and spread awareness as member of LiveStrong team.

Be Safe on your Bike

On Saturday, May 3rd, Hy-Vee will host a Bike Safety Rodeo from 10 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. This Bike Rodeo is a bicycle safety clinic featuring bike safety inspections (from 10-12), a safety lecture about the rules of the road (5-10 minutes.

This will be followed by a ride on a miniature “chalk street” course set up in the parking lot where young cyclists will be shown where and how to apply the rules. Another popular activity will include a helmet fitting as long as supplies last. The main focus of the bike safety rodeo is cycling safety for young cyclists, ages kindergarten to 14 or so.

The Muscatine Fire Department was awarded a grant and helmets are being purchased with the grant money. These helmets will be distributed that day.

May is National Bike Month

League of American Bicyclists is once again declaring May to be National Bike Month. The league is promoting Bike-to-Work Week from May 12-16th and Bike-to-Work Day on Friday, May 16th.

The City of Muscatine’s Mayor, Dick O’Brien has signed a proclamation declaring these dates as well.

With the prices of gasoline hovering around $3.50 per gallon, each and every one of us should ride our bikes to work more. Why don’t you consider posting some challenges and encouragement out to our Melon City biking community to ride to work as much as possible that week.

Cycling over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Ride – Meet/n ride 9:00 a.m. at Pearl City Station on the Riverfront by the clock. Plan on a 1+ hour ride. Road bikes if roads are dry. Fat tire bikes otherwise. Ride is in the morning so as not to rush those planning on eating at noon. Come out and get the metabolism going in preparation for the food feast later that day!!

Day-After Thanksgiving Ride(s) – Sign up now at the Y for an hour-long indoor cycling class from 8-9 am or 9-10 am and burn some of those calories off — you know the pumpkin pie, pecan pie and all the other goodies you plan on consuming Thanksgiving day. The sign-up sheet is located just outside the door of the cycling room. Free to members — sign up is first-come, first serve — so sign up ASAP!!!


10th Annual Shamrock Ride – Saturday, March 17 – Dyersville, Iowa. 10:00 am – ??? Party Ride. Distance: 21 miles flat. FREE

Melon City Bike Club – St. Paddy’s Ride – Sunday, March 18 – 1:00 p.m.

Meet at Pearl City Station on Riverfront Road bikes if 30+ and roads are dry. Otherwise, mountain bikes.

Icicle Bicycle Ride – Saturday, March 24 – Clinton 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Distance: 28 miles flat. Cost: $15.00 includes sag stop refreshments, buffet lunch at Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor and numerous door prizes. Registration is located at 408 South First Street in the Clinton Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor, between 10 a.m. and noon. Walk-ins are welcome!

Spring Ride – Saturday, March 24 – Iowa City. Noonish to Duskish – Leave from Old Capitol Brew Works at 525 Gilbert in Iowa City. Party Ride. Leisurely pace (average speed less than 10 mph). Ride to Hills and back to Iowa City. Sand Run Road finally finished and has nice bike lane south of Iowa City.

April Fool’s Ride – Sunday, April 1 – Muscatine. 1:00 p.m. – Meet at Pearl City Station.

Sunday Afternoon Rides – 1:00 p.m. – Meet at Pearl City Station. Ride 25-30 miles. If the weather conditions for riding are questionable, call Joe Mann at 263-9403.

Tuesday Night Rides – Beginning March 13th. This early in the season we will start riding at 5:30 p.m. from Harper’s Cycling & Fitness. In April — rides will start at 6:00 p.m.

TOMRV is the Tour of the Mississippi River Valley , a Midwest cycling tradition. Each spring about 1,500 bicycling enthusiasts come to ride the TOMRV tour. They enjoy a challenging ride on scenic ways, through Midwest farmland and along the Mississippi River. Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10.

Get the New Logo

Harper’s Jerseys/Shorts w/ Bike Club Logo – Greg has designed a new jersey & shorts package with the Melon City Bike Club & Harper’s Cycling & Fitness logos.

There is a short sleeve jersey available in men’s & women’s sizes and also a sleeveless jersey with full hidden zipper design. Bike shorts are available in men’s & women’s sizes.

Also available are bib shorts. If you can stop at Harper’s Cycling & Fitness to try one for size, Greg will make sure to order one for you. He would like to have size requests by Tuesday, March 14th. The order should arrive in early April.