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Petacchi eager to have a good season

December 19, 2012

The Lampre-ISD cycling superstar didn’t have a good season in 2012. When asked, Alessandro Petachhi said that it was because of his lack of condition. He suffered a lot of injuries during the season and that, according to him, has cost him the season. But now he is looking forward to the next season and wants to prove the world that he is not finished yet.

The La Spezia sprinter will begin his 18th season next year and he feels that he is still capable of competing in the highest level. Petachhi is with his family now, spending time with his son. But most of his rivals and teammates are preparing themselves for the next season. When he was asked about the reason why he is taking a vacation, Alessandro Petachhi said that he would like to be with his family as it would keep him mentally relaxed. But he mentioned that he was doing the physical training at the same time.

Ale-Jet will be celebrating his 39th birthday in January 2013. He is one of the oldest cyclists in the World Tour peloton and he is not bothered about the fact. According to him, age definitely matters but it is not the only thing to judge a sportsman. The passion for the game, the quality of the sportsman and the fitness are vital as well. And he thinks he can win any competition still at this age. Petachhi has 27 stage wins at Giro d’Italia but later five win were taken away as he used salbutamol, an asthma drug, in higher quantity. That left him with 22 stage wins at the Giro.

The 2012 was a disastrous season for Alessandro Petachhi as he failed to register any significant win under his name. He missed the Giro because of injury and participated in the Bayern-Randfahrt where he managed to secure his only three wins of the season. But now he is confident about the next season and hopes that it will be a good one.