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Spotlight at American Century Championship

June 12, 2012

The most recognizable pack in golf accepts to course for 23rd American Century Championship, from 20th July to 22nd July at the Edgewood Tahoe as well as Lance Armstrong Foundation, an establishment founded by champion cyclist as well as the cancer survivor to help people who are struck by cancer, has returned as the official championship charity for the 7th back to back year. Against the lovely setting of High Sierra Lake – the worldwide battle against cancer will deal with the spotlight along with the top names in entertainment and sports.

The CEO and Foundation president Doug Ulman told that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is honored to be a part of the American Century Championship this year once again. They are thankful to American Century Investments for the ongoing back up that enables them to enhance their reach to people struck by cancer as well as better the lives of families across the country.

The 2012 championship offers a platform for awareness-building and fundraising activities in back up for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s goal. Thanks to the extra prize money got when Joe Sakic, the ex NHL All-Star arrived at a hole in 1 at American Century Championship 2011, previous year’s event raised over $470,000 that was divided between Lance Armstrong Foundation as well as local charities of the Lake Tahoe-area.

American Century Investments’ chief executive officer and President Jonathan Thomas told that American Century Investments has a singular story which makes their association with Lance Armstrong Foundation exceptionally meaningful.