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Survey Reveals Cyclists As Cooler

January 20, 2014

Amazing news for the riders all over and the cycling fans- a new survey has recently revealed that people find cyclists as cooler, more intelligent & charitable in comparison to average person.

The survey was conducted by some Mindlab scientists recently and was aimed to study subconscious attitudes of people towards varied sports. It found that people perceive that sprinters come up with a rare concoction of generosity, intelligence & a “cool” quotient.

The research was commissioned by British Heart Foundation and was launched as a celebration of the organization’s 39th anniversary of London-Brighton Bike riding. The study reported that the cyclists are viewed as 13% cooler & more intelligent as well as 10% more charitable in relation to other people.

Nearly 23% of respondents participating in the survey admitted that they like to go on dates with cyclists over players from other sports. Around 27% wanted cyclists for pub quiz squad- just around 18% stressed reliance on footballers’ trivia skills.

Interestingly, the respondents’ love for cyclists could be, to some extent, credited for a likeness towards Lycra. Nearly 63% of respondents confessed their preference for this stretchy material which is much in use among the riders. Besides, it’s the celebratory triumph of 2 phenomenal Brit cyclists Bradley Wiggins & Chris Froome at the most prestigious cycling race Tour de France in 2012 & 2013-that have evoked a special respect for cyclists among the Britons. Both the riders had an amazing time at the Olympics as well making the nation proud once again.

The study also wanted to see how much people differentiate among sports stars and other celebrities. Almost half of the respondents, around 48 percent said that they were especially pulled to sports stars rather than other celebrities like film stars or famous pop icons.