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USADA Report on Armstrong relieves Michael Barry

October 16, 2012

The Canadian cyclist, Michael Barry, who was a former teammate of Lance Armstrong, said that he was relieved after the report was produced. He stated that he felt secured about the fact that he wouldn’t have to live a life with the doping scandals.

Barry was recently suspended from cycling as he was charged with taking performance-enhancing drugs while riding. He was a member of the Team Sky recently. He said that now it’s time to move on with the game. The International Cycling Union must take steps to regain the image of cycling and he felt that the doping-culture must be stopped.

Barry conceded that he was ashamed of taking the banned drugs and the report relieved him a lot as his conscience is clear now. Although the United States Anti-Doping Agency banned him for taking drugs but it wouldn’t be affecting him as he declared his retirement few days back. Barry had been a member of Lance Armstrong’s US Postal Service Team and he said that the use of performance-enhancing drugs were like a regular activity when he first stepped into the cycling arena. This culture drove him away, too, he concluded.

Michael Barry proclaimed that the sport has undergone some good changes and it is much clearer from before. He also wished not to see any youngsters falling victim to this doping culture. Expressing his own experiences he told he had never seen Armstrong taking the drugs but he heard about it.

Barry also told that he chose to come forward because he never wanted the image of cycling to be hurt. He wants others also to come up and speak what they know. He also has the intention of contributing to the necessary changes in the sport of cycling and he wants the pressure to be lifted from the young cyclists so that they can ride more comfortably.